From our humble beginning in Northeast Georgia in 1994, we began as a result of the demand for “value for money” tobacco in retail. Our owner operator, Barry Sales, was in the retail business and had the vision for the tobacco industry. The small rural city of Toccoa, Georgia is where it all began in a 5000 sq-ft warehouse ran by Stacy Henson and 3 other employees.  Our transition came quickly and growth was in our favor. Customers realized we represented their needs instead of the large manufactures of the industry.

We represent all major tobacco manufactures, but our focus has always been on “value for money” tobacco products. We have always reported all MSAI data. We are in this for the long haul and not a fly by night operation. What fueled our success has always been looking for new and innovative products at a great value. 20 years later, we still stand behind this same principle: customers come first. Today we are located in Demorest, Georgia in a facility 7 times larger than where we started. With a 35,000 sq-ft warehouse, 4 loading docks, 19 full time employees, 4 full time sales staff, we are thankful of our valued customers that have fueled our success to get

We believe in face-to-face communication from the moment a customer meets our experienced and driven sales staff, to the moment they receive the order from our delivery staff. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with each customer we serve. We will meet all expectation knowledgeably when it comes to the tobacco industry.